/kojak/res (short for resource manager) is a kojak application that handles basic system functions. It is called by /kojak/go and always runs. Res appears to handle all application launching through the standard Audrey tools, receiving commands from buttond. Most kojak applications require the pid of res as an argument to start correctly.

Res seems to function somewhat like inetd in that it watches to make sure processes are running (based on the content of /config/rm-apps) and will restart them is any process dies or is killed.

The pid and chid of res are stored in /data/.rm-pid and /data/.rm-chid respectively.

Simulating resEdit

You can simulate res and call kojak applications manually using this "startApp" script:

# tag the res PID and CHID to this app and start it
if [ $# -eq 1 ]
p=`cat /data/.rm-pid`
c=`cat /data/.rm-chid`
eval "$1 $p $c &"
echo "usage: startApp <application>"

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