Welcome to AudreyHacking.comEdit

Hi, You may notice that has changed. We have moved from a PostNuke site to a MediaWiki Site. We are still in a transitionary period - but we will eventually be back to being the BEST audrey resource on the internet.

Currently we have ALL of the original articles online and will be adding the original news bites from the site.

If you are so inclined - feel free to add your name to our Contributers list.

If you want to edit an article or page - please Login

Thanks, Harper

harper @

AboutEdit was created In July of 2001. It was created to facilitate the fledgeling 3COM Audrey hacking community. It was a very popular hacking site and was featured on slashdot, forums and other popular sites. We even succeeded in getting an honorable mention for the 2002 PRIX ARS ELECTRONICA : Net Vision.


There are quite a few articles and sections that are in great need of help.

You may also want to check out the stubs page to see pages which need expanding and dead end pages to see what pages need to be expanded and wikified. SectionsEdit

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